The Art of Charles Moesch at Dark Water Studio

Wednesday April 20, 2016

The art of Charles Moesch will be on display and for Sale at Dark Water Studio from April to July 2016.  


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    Charles Moesch is a lifetime Chicago artist, born on the NorthSide to a long line of artists. A self taught sculptor as well as oil painter, Moesch began painting and sculpting at an early age. 


    Attended Fenton High School in Bensenville IL, then on to Eureka College then to Eastern Illinois University, majoring in graphic design. After graduating, founded the Moesch and Minnic Advertising Agency, where he was the managing art director for seven years. After leaving the Ad game, he started down the road of professional fine art, starting as a portrait artist. 


    For the last fifteen years, Moesch has been showing in Chicago area galleries. His art has been used for publications, music and books. 


    In 2010 he broke his back and life changed. He started tattooing under the tutelage of Cesar Romero. His artwork has progressed into a more graphic lowbrow style from a purely portrait style.


Love Removal Machine

Oil on Canvas 36"x 36" 


Stepping on the Devil's Tale

Oil on Canvas 36" x 36" 


Opus de la Diablo

Oil on Canvas 18" x 36" 



Oil on Canvas 60" x 48" 



Oil on Canvas 24" x 48" 


Newton's Muses

Oil on Canvas 36" x 48" 


Talking to the Dead

Oil on Canvas 18" x 36"